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Welcome to – a Blog that is dedicated to helping people know reality and transform their lives by seeking knowledge. In this way, YOU would be able to learn a lot and apply the best practices in YOUR life.

My name is Junaid Asim and I’m a blogger who writes to transfer the best of my knowledge to people around the globe. It is possible only by acquiring useful knowledge which is based on facts and truth only.

Moreover, I have traveled around the world and worked as an Engineer in Merchant Navy. I have worked with a lot of people and have been blessed to understand the culture, psychology, and behavior of human beings.


There is a lot of difference between Knowledge and Information.

Knowledge is always beneficial for us. However, Information may not be useful.

Information can be Fake but Knowledge is true belief that is distinct from opinion or guesswork by the virtue of justification.

After keeping the above mentioned Fact in Mind, we started to write about the knowledge THAT MATTERS.

We would like to make it sure that we provide you a useful knowledge.

We also plan to include such material which would transform human lives.

Hopefully , we will spend precious time of our lives to KNOW THAT MATTERS.

Moreover, we would enable you to contact us easily to write any blog regarding any current issue or about any difficulty facing by you in your daily routine lives. In this way, You can communicate effectively with us…!!!